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Marine + Bovine Collagen Protein For Fertility, Pregnancy, And Post-Natal Health

Marine + Bovine Collagen Protein For Fertility, Pregnancy, And Post-Natal Health

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Are ELAVI collagen protein bites safe for moms? 

YES! In fact, they're beneficial for expecting and new moms. 

A strong body is a healthy body. And it starts with the foundational ingredients that support the structural integrity of the body. Women, especially those who are trying to boost fertility for conceiving, pregnant, or post-partum need essential nutrients such as protein, folate, manganese, and collagen.

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1. Keep bones strong with collagen + cashew butter

Collagen peptides help strengthen bones, joints, connective tissues, and promote skin elasticity. Cashews are an excellent source of manganese and magnesium - key minerals that help assimilate calcium into the bone (bone formation) and support bone mineral density (keeping bones strong).

2. ELAVI multi-collagen protein bites are gluten-free and low-arsenic

To prevent infant exposure to inorganic arsenic, the FDA advises pregnant women to avoid rice during pregnancy. This is because rice contains arsenic by absorbing it more readily than other food crops. ELAVI bites are free from rice syrup, rice protein, and inflammatory grains such as wheat. Instead, we prioritize high-quality collagen to help nourish the body.

3. Conceiving? Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Grab an ELAVI bite

The dates, cashews, and pea protein in ELAVI bites are lactogenic foods that can help increase milk supply. Pea protein is also an excellent source of folate, shown to help assist with ovulation and a healthy pregnancy. The more nourished your body is with key ingredients like collagen, protein, and healthy fats, the better the foundation to promote fertility for moms trying to conceive. 


If you know of a new mom or momma-to-be, ELAVI bites make the perfect gift to get her extra protein and bone-boosting properties, all in a delicious treat. Breastfeeding moms can feel depleted so it's essential to make sure they're feeding their bodies with nourishing ingredients to keep them strong and healthy. 

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