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Natural Oil Separation - What is it and Why it happens

Natural Oil Separation - What is it and Why it happens

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Why do I sometimes see oil on the wrappers?

There may be variances between production runs, so some bites may have more oil separation than others. This oil separation is completely natural as we do not use any hydrogenated oils or inflammatory additives to prevent this from occurring.

The best analogy to understand why this happens is by looking at the difference between a natural nut butter and a processed nut butter, below:

We'll take the one on the right, too. 

What should I do with the oil?

Give the wrapper a quick wipe and you're good! A fun tip we like to share is rubbing the coconut and cashew butter oil on your skin as a natural moisturizer, rich in healthy fats to keep the skin soft. If you're traveling with the bars, you can ensure double protection by throwing the individual bars in a ziploc bag to avoid them getting on your other belongings. 

We hate nothing more than a dry, chalky bar, but understand that excess oil is not ideal. As a small company, we are continuously investing in formulation science to yield the perfect bar that is equal parts clean, functional, and insanely delicious. Please feel free to reach out to us personally at - and we'll take care of you if there are any issues. 

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