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Marine Collagen Protein For Fertility, Pre-Natal And Post-Natal Health

Are ELAVI collagen protein bars safe for moms? 

YES! In fact, they're beneficial for expecting and new moms. 

A strong body is a healthy body. And it starts with the foundational ingredients that support the structural integrity of the body. Women, especially those who are conceiving, pregnant, or post-partum need essential nutrients such as protein, folate, manganese, and collagen.

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1. Keep bones strong with marine collagen + cashew butter

Marine collagen peptides help strengthen bones, joints, connective tissues, and promote skin elasticity. Cashews are an excellent source of manganese and magnesium - key minerals that help assimilate calcium into the bone (bone formation) and support bone mineral density (keeping bones strong).

2. ELAVI Bars are gluten-free and low-arsenic

To prevent infant exposure to inorganic arsenic, the FDA advises pregnant women to avoid rice during pregnancy. This is because rice contains arsenic by absorbing it more readily than other food crops. ELAVI Bars are free from rice syrup, rice protein, and inflammatory grains such as wheat. 

3. Conceiving? Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Grab an ELAVI Bar

The dates, cashews, and pea protein in ELAVI Bars are lactogenic foods that can help increase milk supply. Pea protein is also an excellent source of folate, shown to help assist with ovulation and a healthy pregnancy.


If you know of a new mom or momma-to-be, ELAVI Bars make the perfect gift to get her extra protein and bone-boosting properties, all in a delicious treat. 

Here's baby Lily taking after her mom, Courtney who snacked on ELAVI bars throughout her pregnancy, enjoyed them at the hospital when she needed energy, and relied on them for nourishing herself while breastfeeding. Looks like Lily is taking after her mom - start 'em young!

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