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How you feel is determined by what you eat.


As fitness instructors juggling demanding corporate jobs, we knew that exercise wasn't enough and that we needed a holistic approach to nutrition that matched our busy, modern lifestyle. We had to sacrifice quality for convenience in the protein bar category and wanted a solution to fight accelerated aging and inflammation. There wasn't an "all-in-one" solution that met all of our needs - clean energy, feeling full without the bloat, boosted with collagen, natural vitamin C for immunity and collagen synthesis. So we made one. 


Michelle struggled finding a protein bar she could trust as the dairy, gluten, chicory root fiber (inulin), and sugar alcohols in everything so she began formulating her own collagen bars designed for optimal performance and convenience. This wasn’t a regular protein bar, this was a food-as-medicine approach to modern wellness, intentionally designed for the busy go-getter. She incorporated natural sweeteners influenced by her Middle Eastern culture - organic honey and dates - ingredients known for their rich antioxidant and immune boosting properties.


Nikki grew up on Quest bars in college and energy bars as an endurance cyclist. As she hit her mid-twenties, she noticed noticeable delays in athletic recovery and wanted to get ahead of aging by integrating collagen into her diet. Collagen powders were too messy, smoothies were inconvenient, bone broth wasn’t appetizing, and coffee inhibited the proper absorption of collagen. An avid bar eater, she loved Michelle's concept of getting your collagen in a protein bar, and jumped in to help bring it to market. 


These collagen-infused protein bars have significantly helped us with better cognitive focus, balanced mood, athletic recovery, and overall vitality in a delicious, convenient way.


ELAVI is inspired by the word elevate - our mission is to elevate you with modern nutrition to take on anything and feel unstoppable. 


founders about our story michelle nikki


Fun Fact: ELAVI is also our last names combined together ;)


Get after it,
Nikki and Michelle

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