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elavi founders michelle razavi and nikki elliott marine collagen high protein snacks

As fitness instructors working corporate office jobs, we struggled to find a convenient and delicious way to consume collagen and fuel our bodies to handle anything. We cared about what we put inside our bodies because we noticed the right foods helped us recover faster, focus better at work, and feel stronger. 

When we learned that natural collagen production declines in your mid twenties, we tried everything to incorporate it into our diets. None of the other products could keep up with our active, busy lives - collagen powders were too messy, smoothies were inconvenient, bone broth wasn’t appetizing, and coffee inhibited the proper absorption of collagen. We wished there was a delicious, on the go snack that actually provided its consumers with what they wanted - great taste, perfect texture, clean ingredients, high quality protein + multi-collagen, and the convenience to enjoy it anywhere

ELAVI is inspired by the word elevate - our mission is to elevate you with the right ingredients to take on anything. 

Get after it,
Michelle and Nikki