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"I noticed there's some oil on the outside of some bars... Is this supposed to happen?"

Congrats, you just unwrapped a truly clean protein bar! The oil separation is completely natural since we don't use any additives to prevent this natural occurrence from happening. It's exactly like the oil separation in natural nut butters that don't use inflammatory, hydrogenated oils like cottonseed or rapeseed (canola) oil. Plus, the oils double as a natural skin moisturizer!

"Are these vegan?"

Unfortunately, they are not :( We use organic honey and source our collagen sustainably from wild-caught fish.

That being said, we upcycle parts of the fish that would otherwise be discarded and REDUCE environmental waste with our bars. #win

Our bars are pescatarian-friendly and dairy-free (no egg or milk-derived products).

oil separation vegan natural marine collagen sustainably sourced pescatarian


"When should I eat them?"

Anytime! That's the amazing part of ELAVI bars. 

They're light enough to enjoy before a workout without that "heavy" feeling, but also satisfying enough as a bridge snack to actually keep you full. With 16g of non-dairy protein and organic dates & honey, ELAVI is the first bar to offer this level of versatility. 

To best absorb collagen, consume them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. We also enjoy them as an indulgent, healthy dessert, late afternoon snack, and nourishing real food to fuel our active adventures. 

ELAVI protein best time to consumer marine collagen bar