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"Are these vegan?"

Unfortunately, they are not :( We use organic honey and source our collagen sustainably from wild-caught fish and grass-fed bovine.

Our bars are dairy-free (no egg or milk-derived products), gluten-free, and void of any refined sugars or sugar alcohols.

oil separation vegan natural marine collagen sustainably sourced pescatarian


"When should I eat them?"

Anytime! That's the amazing part of ELAVI's products. 

They're light enough to enjoy before a workout without that "heavy" feeling, but also satisfying enough as a bridge snack to actually keep you full. With 16g of non-dairy protein in each bar (8g of protein in the bites) and sweetened naturally with organic honey & dates, ELAVI is the first bar to offer this level of versatility. 

To best absorb collagen, consume them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. We also enjoy them as an indulgent, healthy dessert, late afternoon snack, and nourishing real food to fuel our active adventures. 

ELAVI protein best time to consumer marine collagen bar

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