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NEW! Plant-Based Superfood Nut Butters

Creamy cashew butter, vibrant superfoods, zero inflammatory oils.

Ditch the spoon.

Knead, rip, squeeze, elevate your day. 


Pomegranate Beet

Yes, it's actually pink.

Benefits: reduces inflammation, promotes athletic recovery, and boosts immunity. 

Tastes like: Fruity Pebbles cereal


Blue Spirulina Vanilla

Yes, it's actually blue.

Benefits: improves focus, satisfies hunger naturally, increases energy, boosts skin health

Tastes like: vanilla frosting


Dark Chocolate

Yes, it's real dark chocolate.

Benefits: boosts mood, energy, and satisfies your sweet tooth without the sugar crash. 

Tastes like: chocolate fudge

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No Added Sugar

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No Palm Oil

We ditched the palm oil... 

and brought in environmentally sustainable, anti-inflammatory hempseed oil 

Why Hempseed Oil

The health benefits:

Hempseed oil is rich in antioxidants, calcium, manganese, potassium, Vitamins A and E, zinc and Omegas 3 and 6.  It is a superfood with research noting its benefits for improving skin health and reducing inflammation. It has a unique profile of healthy fatty acids, making it an extremely versatile food additive or cooking oil.

How is it made?

Hempseed oil is made by cold pressing whole raw seeds of the hemp plant, in a process similar to the way olive oil is produced from olives. Hempseed oil is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and allergen-free. While most nut butters use hydrogenated oils, peanut oils, or environmentally damaging palm oil, we tapped into nature's power by integrating hempseed oil.

Hempseed oil contains no THC.

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